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I like Cricket,football and Badminton. Freely speaking I don't like outdoor games.


Dancing is one of my favorites. I like to rock the floor with high bass and rocking music. In my school life I dance once but in collage countless. But I m not a stage performer.


I play the table and listen to everything that fits my musical acceptance. Classified under music I listen to MJ, Ricky M, Cerrone, Mano Dibango, Ossivisa, Enigma, Crazy frog, Kraftwerk also Kenny G and Yanni.


I like especially cats, besides that I like all animals in cage like zoo


I like playing Chess, Scrabble, loddo, Ceram, Playing Cards. And I like most computer games. mainly fond of FPS, 3rdPS, Stratigy & BigFish Games. I'm not giving the list of those games U may found them in later pages

Technical Interests:

My technical interests contain a wide subset of computer engineering, mainly on software programming. I like to develop application programs with HTML, Java and Visual Basic. I am greatly interested in Databases, Computer Graphics, User Interfaces and Software Engineering. In addition to these, Game Programming is one of my favorites.